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About Dr. Drourr

by GAIL on Aug 11th, 2009

I had many problems with pain in my legs, back and head. It was suggested that i see the Dr's at Jupiter Hospital Pain Management dept. I was very nervous about the thought of having a needle anywhere, but, especially in my back or head! However, this was exactly what I needed. Dr Drourr was "right on" with his precise injections, both for my leg ailments and for the horrible pain I was having on the left side of my head. The first injection I was in my back to relieve the leg pain. It worked, but then I had a second injection and the pain subsided to such a degree that I was just amazed. When I was told I could get relief for my neck and head pain through an occipital block, I was truly nervous, but, after being in Dr Drourr's great hands for the lumbar spine blocks, I decided to "buck up" and do it! What a relief!! My head finally stopped hurting! I have only great comments for the Dr. I have since had to go to a neurologist for testing and was surprised that he administered two occipital blocks to me while I was in the office- with no prior warning!! I am still in pain..2 weeks later at the back of my head near the injection site!! Had I known this would be his course of action, I would definitely have liked to have the choice to go back to Dr Drourr. Please don't hesitate to hurry to Jupiter Pain Management if you are referred there. Dr Drourr is the best!! You are certainly in great, gentle hands and the entire staff is knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you may come up with! Kudos!!!

About Dr. Deziel

Jul 1st, 2011

I have multiple joint problems but my back was really giving me so much pain that I was unable to get out of bed for days at a time. I have been to over 5 pain doctors looking for relief. Epidurals don't work on me and I was usually given a drug store of pain meds as a solution. Dr Deziel saw my problem right away. I had 6 shots into the bone areas of the spine on my first visit and for the first time in almost 10yrs I was pain free! Dr Deziel is a very caring doctor. He has a great personality and his staff is fantastic. I will stay with this doctor. Thank goodness he is young and will probably outlast me! He is the best and I have tried them all.

April 2, 2007

This man helps when you think you have no options left to control pain. Where everyone else failed controlling back pain he succeeded. I would name my first child after him! His staff is amazing and the doc will answer and take as much time as needed! I also had the opportunity to have him in surgery as my anesthesiologist! wonderful! no worries :) I love him!!!!!!!

About Dr. Schroeder

July 11, 2013

Dr. Schroeder is an extremely competent anesthesiologist while also being empathetic and kind. That is a rare combination! Dr. Schroeder not only diagnosed the exact source of my lower back spasms when no one else could but he also took the time to advise me about moving in ways I can help myself avoid positions that cause further injury. He is so patient and caring it seems with all his patients. I have been treated by him many times and the nurses he works with in Jupiter Medical have told me that's who they would go to if they needed treatment for pain. One nurse told me she requested Dr. Schroeder as her anesthesiologist for a very difficult surgery she had in the hospital. She said the surgeons love having Dr. Schroeder in the operating room because he is so highly skilled in addition to being very calm and resourceful. If I end up eventually needing surgery I will do the same. It makes sense, nurses would know better than the general population who to request as their physician.